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Student to student 

Student-to-student mediation provides a safe space for students to mediate. Mediation services are available either in school or in the community to resolve a range of conflicts, including many disciplinary issues.

attendance Mediation 

Attendance mediation responds to the challenges of truancy by bringing together parents and teachers to identify underlying issues and develop a collaborative plan to address these issues. 

Youth Police Dialogue

Dialogue circles between youth and police support relationship building and humanize members of the circle to each other.  Everyone has a chance to speak about their experiences, hear different perspectives on divisive issues, and build a new understanding.

IEP Facilitation

The goal of the facilitated IEP meeting is to help IEP team members communicate effectively and develop an educational program to meet the child’s need. 

conflict Management Trainings

Conflict Management training is provided in elementary, middle, and high schools and features an interactive learning environment for students, encouraging participants to reflect on how they feel about conflict, how they behave in conflict, and how they can address conflict differently.

Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline

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